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Customer Reviews
Lorraine from Home Tester Club


this is my first time trying Safe Care® Minyak Angin, not bad but might not enough strong for me.

1 March 2021
AhMing from Home Tester Club


This design has small ball rolling, the medicated oil will not touch the hand, it is very convenient to use, it will not irritate, and the effect is quite good

1 March 2021
YUKI from Home Tester Club


个人有偏头痛,经常用的是市场上买的普通牌子的风油,用过了Home Tester送的这款风油觉得很不错,味道很清香而且也可以帮助我减去偏头痛时的疼痛,值得一试。。。大爱safe care风油!

1 March 2021
Nana from Home Tester Club

我妈妈用到很好 妈妈有肌肉的问题

非常方便使用 嗅起来不会刺鼻 味道很好闻 因为妈妈有膝盖疼痛的关系 让妈妈使用后 妈妈说很好用!会再回购

1 March 2021